Dorval Island Archives

Here are the Dorval Island Archives, originally collected by Janet Elizabeth “Betty” Locke (#26) in five binders full of photos, stories and newspaper clippings. Besides the scanned in version of the binders, we’re adding more recent items of historical interest.

Si vous avez tout ce que vous voulez contribuer, y compris les traductions vers le français, s’il vous plaît contactez-nous.
If you have anything you want to contribute, please contact us.

  • Volume IThe History of Dorval Island
  • Volume II – The Way We Were
  • Volume III – Press Coverage over the Years (1947-2002)
  • Volume IV – title unknown, need to obtain the binder.
  • Volume V – title unknown, need to obtain the binder.

The binder from several angles, kind of a piece of cover art.